What is “The Thread”

The Thread is an environmentally sensitive, non-motorized, multipurpose trail designed to increase the health and wellness of the community through providing a safe environment in LaGrange, Georgia for fitness, recreation, transportation and special events. Plans for The Thread Master Plan were unanimously adopted by the City of LaGrange on September 27, 2016, with construction slated to start in March, 2017 on the “model mile” at Granger Park and a goal to complete the first 13 miles by the end of 2022. Currently, The Thread has a total 29 miles of trails planned.


Who are “Friends of The Thread”

Friends of The Thread (FOTT) was formed in August 2016 to partner with City and County leaders in implementing the Plan. FOTT is playing a significant role in community relations, segment planning, contractor selection/management and future maintenance of The Thread. FOTT is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.


Goal 1

A desire to have safe, local recreational places to walk, bike, or run without sharing a road with cars. There are currently no multi-use trails in the county.


Goal 2


A desire to increase safe affordable transportation for those who either do not have access to a car or those who wish to walk or ride to work. The current lack of such transportation is a barrier to employment accessing community services for many. Others would like to be able to walk or bike to work for exercise/health benefits.


Goal 3

A desire to create an overall higher quality of life in our community with people from all segments outdoors, enjoying the beauty of our area and connecting with each other. In turn this will make our area a more attractive place to live and work, bringing all the benefits of increased economic activity – jobs, property values, and service businesses.